Maintenance And Support

In today’s world, if you let your website go down, you put your business at risk. Iflexion keeps it at bay by rendering full-cycle customer support services.

We help you deal successfully with all the major maintenance and support challenges:

Business Continuity

It is necessary to ensure the company’s continuous thriving


It is not always possible (nor reasonable) to have an in-house support team with the experience you need once in a while


The server and operational system need to be functioning fast and bug-free


Iflexion Customer Support team is continuously educated and trained to address the needs of your business. We offer the following technical support services:

OS and Server

Sometimes operational systems and servers do not perform to the utmost. Iflexion Maintenance and Support specialists can migrate the product to another OS or server to improve performance results.

Third-Party Solution

Iflexion extends the useful life of 3rd party software well beyond the end-of-life declaration and helps you reduce the TCO and generate a bigger return on your IT investments while still providing the exemplary services your clients deserve.

Task/Bug Tracking Systems Deployment and Customization

Taking the value of reporting and identifying defects into account, Iflexion specialists can deploy and customize task and bug tracking systems to guarantee fast issue recognition, processing, and reporting.

Software Maintenance and Proactive Support

Our proactive approach lets us warn the customer if a backup is needed, prevent hacker attacks, and foresee other technical problems that can affect your business.


Our Support engineers revise the current state of an application, analyze its performance and possible bugs, and work out improvement plans to ensure better functionality of web products.

Availability Monitoring

Iflexion helps companies ensure their Internet products are running well by developing and installing monitoring solutions to prevent break-downs.

Third Party Application Takeover Process


  • Architecture and Code Audit
  • Documentation Review
  • Functional/Performance Testing


  • Hot Fixes
  • Performance Iprovement
  • Documentation Recovery


  • Adaptive/Perfective Maintenance
  • Impact Analysis and Modeling
  • Software Roadmap and Improvements Planning


  • Incident Management
  • Preventive/Corrective Maintenance
  • Backup and Recovery
  • SLA Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Release Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality Management

Support Levels


  • Monitor System Data Analysis
  • System Malfunction Answers
  • Issue Detection


  • System Configuration Improvement
  • Cache Clearance
  • Server Issue Detection


  • New System Versions
  • Application Improvement
  • Code Fixes
  • Bug Detection with Software Understanding

Issue processing on all 3 support levels

Cooperation Models


The 24/7 Customer Support model literally ensures your customers, employees, and partners will get 1-2-3 Level help at any moment. This option is ideal for:

  • Industry leaders
  • Businesses with mission critical systems
  • Global companies with employees and customers all over the world


We offer regular business hours (8-to-5) IT support as it covers the needs of most businesses, while being extremely cost-efficient, and helping our customers to:

  • Always be sure to have the right amount of service within working hours
  • Get rid of IT support staffing/sourcing needs

Building The Right Bridge Between Development And Operations


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We give special account to the value of cooperation between development and operations when rendering support services. By establishing collaborative DevOps workflows and weaving Agile techniques into support operations, we help you operate and evolve your resilient software at scale and accelerate its release cycles, thus, boosting your RoI. Iflexion equips your business with an ability to easily embrace more changes and enjoy the following benefits of DevOps-oriented customer support:

  • Cross-functional teams
  • Co-located Devs and Ops
  • Continuous delivery
  • Constant improvement
  • Smaller mean time to recovery


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